Pavooq is an online platform that helps to solve the problem of non-transparent communication and team cohesion.

Pavooq: Team Analytics Platform

Pavooq Team Analytics Platform

For whom?

Human Resources Analysts and Researchers
Pavooq helps HRs to see a map of the working communications of the teams.
Also, it helps to predict the potential conflicts between the employees, by looking into their communication patterns.
Team leads
Pavooq helps the leaders by analyzing communication map data to make more informed decisions about bringing together different team members to work on tasks.
Chief Diversity Officers
Pavooq helps CDOs to receive information on communication between people of different gender and cultural groups.

How can you use Pavooq?

Identify key persons
Our graph and stats help you to identify the persons, who are key in your team.
Track onboarding performance
You can track successful onboarding process for new members in your company.
Improve your corporate culture
Understand, who's connected with whom

Supported platforms

Microsoft Teams
Google Workspace
Our team
Oleh Rozvadovskyy
Founder & CMO
Yevhen Bereza
Founder & CPO
Oleksandr Korobov
Chief Technology Officer
Vladyslav Cheriachukin
Backend Developer
Viktor Kushnarov
Frontend developer
Valery Cherna
QA Lead